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Bathroom Line – Products and Specialties for professional cleaning

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Protective detergents for the maintenance of sanitary ware, used regularly on the surface normally exposed to stains due to residual limestone, form a protective film which slows the formation of age spots, reducing the cleaning interventions.

They are technical products and as such must be considered in the specific applications for the maintenance of ceramic, glass, mirrors, plastic and non-transparent materials. The typical application is that of the shower, where the residual limestone is normally visible because of the usual presence of water droplets on the surface. It is therefore not comparable to the descaling detergents normally used for the maintenance of the baths that have no protective function.

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  • WC Cleaner

    WC Cleaner

    Acid deodorized detergent descaler high density, for the cleaning of toilets and wherever it is necessary to remove ...
  • Foam Chlor

    Foam Chlor

    Detergent with chlore-active, anti-mold and deodorant. It allows to obtain white and hygiene on sanitary ware, toile...
  • Deocid


    Detergent for cleaning and maintenance of sanitary ware. Its composition allows a regular use, an optimal cleaning a...
  • Bagno Protector

    Bagno Protector

    Protective bacteriostatic sanitizing detergent for the maintenance of sanitary fixtures, which is regularly used on ...
  • Bagno Clean Foam

    Bagno Clean Foam

    Detergent formulated for the cleaning and maintenance of sanitary fixtures. Its composition makes it possible to rem...
  • Bagno Clean Deo

    Bagno Clean Deo

    Anti-limestone detergent for bathrooms, sanitary ware and fittings made from lactic acid (vegetable origin). Its act...