Products and Specialty for the professional cleaning


Carpets – Products and Specialties for professional cleaning

Here is the list of our products for the cleaning of carpets, if you click on the name of the product you enter to details and the corresponding technical data sheet.

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Thoroughly cleaning and scent of clean are essential for carpets. The line allows to wash textiles with undoubted advantages also from the hygienic point of view, compared to the simple suction, reviving the colors.

The application with extraction machine (Steam Clean) allows the cleaning of interior in moquettes and car seats in fabric, with a deep extraction of dirt even from the side panels.

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  • Foam


    Highly cleansing shampoo, it exerts a sensitive reviving action on the colors and gives softness. It is indicated on...
  • Soft Remover

    Soft Remover

    Soft Remover is formulated for the removal of stains from treated fibers, penetrates deeply into the fabric texture ...
  • Clean B

    Clean B

    Clean B is a detergent of maintenance for fitted carpets with Bonnet method, without particular thorough interventio...
  • Antifoam M 120/20

    Antifoam M 120/20

    Antifoam M 120/20 is a silicone concentrated antifoam for the removal of foams produced by the use of detergents, sh...