Catering Line

Catering Line – Products and Specialties for professional cleaning

Here is the list of our products of the detergents catering line, if you click on the name of the product you enter to details and the corresponding data sheet.

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The catering line, also called Horeca (Hotel – Restaurant – Catering) lists the products normally used in the professional catering industry.

Detergents for dishwashers, rinse aids, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, descalers for ovens, hand soaps, acid descalers.

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  • Gloss Hygienic

    Gloss Hygienic

    Hydroalcoholic multipurpose sanitizing detergent, for the cleaning in the food industry. Gloss Hygienic is based on ...
  • Wash Lavatrice

    Wash Lavatrice

    Wash Lavatrice is a liquid detergent with surfactant base, designed specifically for laundry in washing machines or ...
  • Soft


    Soft is a liquid creamy perfumed detergent,  high viscosity, for the cleaning of washable surfaces such as stainless...
  • Soften


    Soften is a detergent base surfactant adjuvant of washing, with a softening and perfuming action. Suitable for all f...
  • Soft Pearl Lavender

    Soft Pearl Lavender

    Soft Pearl Lavender is a softener with microencapsulated fragrance.  The high fragrance is perceived even after wash...
  • Rinsing


    Rinsing is a liquid additive for the polishing of the dishes in the industrial and domestic dishwashers  It acts in ...
  • Rinsing Bar

    Rinsing Bar

    Rinsing Bar is a additive for the polishing of the cups in the rinsing phase. It removes deposits of mineral salts c...
  • Liquid Piatti

    Liquid Piatti

    Liquid Piatti is a lemon detergent for manual washing of kitchenware and general cleaning. Particularly active on fa...
  • Forno Grill

    Forno Grill

    Alkaline detergent for the cleaning of ovens, stoves and surfaces dirt with food bruned residues Forno Grill saponif...
  • Dish Wash

    Dish Wash

    Dish Wash is a concentrated detergent for industrial machines. Its balanced content of alkalis and sequestering agen...
  • Dish Wash Extra

    Dish Wash Extra

    Dish Wash Extra is a concentrated detergent for professional dishwashers and cupwashers. Its balanced content of alk...
  • Dish Bar

    Dish Bar

    Dish Bar is a liquid detergent for cupwashers and glasswashers. It has a balanced content of alkalis and sequesterin...
  • De Calc

    De Calc

    De Calc is a buffered acid detergent for the removal of lime, minerals and organoleptic scales. De Calc forms with c...
  • Clorogel


    Chlorine-active gel for the cleaning and sanitization of all washable surfaces. Combined action: 1) detergency due t...
  • Caffè Det

    Caffè Det

    Caffè Det is a detergent of Catering Line with surfactants of vegetable origin for the cleaning of the group of espr...