Detergents Floor and Hard Surfaces

Detergents – Products and Specialties for professional cleaning

Here is the list of our detergents, if you click on the name of the product you enter to details and the corresponding technical data sheet.

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The Detergents line includes the all the products necessary for every cleaning operation.

Deep cleaning, ordinary cleaning, degreasing, dewaxing, deodorization, descaling, sanitizing, cleaning and protection of glasses, floors.

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  • Detergres


    Detergres is a alkaline detergent with high concentration, for the cleaning and maintenance of stoneware floors and ...
  • Clean


    Clean is a multipurpose detergent for the cleaning and ordinary maintenance of washable surfaces such as glass, tile...
  • Lemon Clean

    Lemon Clean

    Lemon Clean is a lemon scented detergent, suitable for cleaning all washable surfaces. Its composition is very low i...
  • Lavclean


    Lavclean is a detergent for cleaning and maintenance of microporous surfaces such as stoneware, clinker, cement, etc...
  • Gres Lux

    Gres Lux

    Gres Lux is a detergent used for the ordinary maintenance of floors made of stoneware with a high and characteristic...
  • Extra Matic

    Extra Matic

    EXTRA MATIC is a quick detergent for washer-dryers. Its high concentration of solvents, anionic and nonionic surfact...
  • Deterpin


    Deterpin is a low foam detergent for all washable surfaces. Its composition based on surfactants and cosolvents give...
  • Deterpin Plus

    Deterpin Plus

    Deterpin Plus is a multipurpose detergent for the cleaning and maintenance of floors and washable surfaces. The comb...