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Ecological Biological Line –  Products and Specialties for professional cleaning

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The environmental biotechnology is the science that studies the selection and application of natural organisms for the removal of organic wastes from water and surfaces. The Microbiology has for object the study of organisms, invisible to the naked eye in our case: the bacteria. The biological activators eliminate naturally, for biochemical reaction, all the organic residues that cause odors.

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  • Biofresh Spurgo

    Biofresh Spurgo

    BIOFRESH SPURGO is a balanced compound of microorganisms, derived enzymes and nutrients, active on fatty substances,...
  • Bio Compost

    Bio Compost

    Composting  is  a natural  process  in  which organic  matter  is  decomposed  by  microorganisms in nature, mineral...
  • Bio Grassi

    Bio Grassi

    Bio Grassi consists of specific microorganisms for processing and digestion of fats, surfactants, proteins, acids an...
  • Biofresh Plus

    Biofresh Plus

    Biofresh Plus consists of a balanced compound of microorganisms, enzymes and nutrients, active on fats and oils, foo...
  • Biofresh 20

    Biofresh 20

    Biofresh 20 is a biological activator for the elimination of bad odors caused by decomposition of organic substances...
  • Bio Compat

    Bio Compat

    Bio Compat is a biological compound based on micro-organisms and free enzymes which allows to keep in optimal condit...