Specific Degreasing Detergents

Detergents – Products and Specialties for professional cleaning

Here is the list of our detergents, if you click on the name of the product you enter to details and the corresponding technical data sheet.

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The Detergents line includes the all the products necessary for every cleaning operation.

Deep cleaning, ordinary cleaning, degreasing, dewaxing, deodorization, descaling, sanitizing, cleaning and protection of glasses, floors.

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  • Multigrease


    Multigrease is a degreaser and sanitizer, removes traces of permanent markers, inks, adhesives, dirt, grease, soot, ...
  • Degrease Plus

    Degrease Plus

    Degrease Plus is a specific detergent for the removal of greases and oils, natural and synthetic. Its solvent power ...
  • Declean


    Declean is a surfactant and solvent based cleaner for the cleaning of hard surfaces in the presence of grease, oil, ...