Waxes and Dispersions

Waxes and Dispersions - Products and Specialties for professional cleaning

Here is the list of our products of Waxes and Dispersions, if you click on the name of the product you enter to details and the corresponding technical data sheet.

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The line Waxes and Dispersions allows you to make the treatment for the protection and polishing of floors and especially linoleum, rubber, PVC (resilients), marble, chippings, etc..

The treatment allows to protect the treated surface and to obtain a remarkable aesthetic improvement.

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  • Wax Gres

    Wax Gres

    Waxy emulsion high concentration, suitable for the recovery of the opacified areas of stone pottery surfaces. WAX GR...
  • Vergloss


    Sealing polish emulsion based on copolymer acrylic and polyethylene resins. Particularly suited for floors made of b...
  • Ultralight


    Metallized wax of superior quality, specifically suitable for the treatment of linoleum, marble, rubber, plastic mat...
  • Polimer O

    Polimer O

    Polymeric wax with high resistance, satin effect, for the treatment of linoleum, marble, rubber, resilients, etc. It...
  • Multipav


    Protective autopolishing detergent, for the cleaning and protection of all floors. Advised for marble, floor tiles, ...
  • Mil’s Extra

    Mil’s Extra

    Waxy emulsion based on carnauba, synthetic waxes, metallized polymers. Highly efficient and easy to apply, it allows...