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The use of wood for external floors became common and developed over the last years and is, by now, well-established practice in many applications. The undoubted charm of wood and ease of installation have favored the use and demand of users. We define "decking" the use of wood for exterior surfaces, differentiating it from the term "Parquet", where the wood is used for the interiors. For this application you use heavy timbers, with features that withstand exposure to the elements.

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  • Parquet Soap S

    Parquet Soap S

    Parquet Soap S is a nourishing cleanser for floors treated with oil / wax. It cleans and brightens the parquet, avoi...
  • Neutro Parquet

    Neutro Parquet

    Neutral detergent for the cleaning of parquet. Its composition based on water-soluble solvents allows to clean, with...
  • Magic Sun

    Magic Sun

    Magic Sun is a product for the maintenance of parquet floors, traditionally painted or prefinished. Its properties a...
  • Deo Parquet Mild

    Deo Parquet Mild

    Deo Parquet Mild is a deodorizing detergent for the cleaning of parquet floors.  Suitable for frequent cleanings,  i...